Ihr Partner seit 2004 für Immobilien in Berlin, Brandenburg und Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Why hire a broker?

In a short overview we try to give you a clear overview of the advantages.

* We, the IVBWEISS real estate, understand ourselves as mediator between offerer and prospective customer.

* We, the IVBWEISS real estate, have a very comprehensive knowledge of the market due to our long activity in the real estate markets in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt and are thus able to provide you with a fair market valuation of the real estate for rent or sale.

* We take a very thorough and conscientious approach to object taking so that we can achieve the highest possible accuracy.

* You want discretion when selling your property? That goes without saying with us.

* Before conclusion of a rental contract, or notarial purchase contract we carry out all necessary credit checks for the protection.

* We advertise your property in the relevant real estate portals and media.

* We, the IVBWEISS real estate, keep you as seller / landlord and also the buyer / tenant from mistakes in contract designs.

* We work on a success basis, i. We bear all costs for advertising, sightseeing, etc. and will only receive our brokerage commission in case of success.

* We work closely with respected lawyers specializing in tenancy and home ownership law.

* We are happy to advise you in detail and without obligation in the context of your decision-making to hire us as a broker.

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